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A.V.A. Alliance of Valiant Arms™

This game is pretty good. Nice graphics and plays smooth. I would recommend it to all FPS fans. I have not seen any hackers yet. Hell ya, I get tired of any game I play after a week or 2. However, after playing A. Get it A. Thats an absolutley ridiculous statement. Combat arms is a watered down arcade shooter, through and through. Its basically for, and full of, annoying kids who either complain about everything, or gloat like jackasses. The times weapon system is silly, the actual combat, while fun for a quick romp, cant be counted on for a true in depth shooter session unless your standards arent that high.

Its really an awful game, as far as the standards set by the top dogs in the genre go. Man, I will never hear it put as well as you did about that game. I love it, but my system just cant handle it right now. Combat arms: Great but like you said, depending on your level of expectations.

Alliance of Valiant Arms: Now thats a damn game brother…Yall Have a Good one now…. Like Counter Strike? Play Soldier Front. CS lacks wallbang 2. CS lacks bullet drop 3. CS lacks gameplay complexity. CS weapons are purchased within gameplay for kill-credits. Weapons are customizable. Physical skills are obtainable in AVA. Once an achievement is unlocked, you may gain extra ammo, farther range for nades, quicker movement speed, melee damage, etc. Easy being normal, Normal being difficult, and Extreme being Nearly Impossible. You may get permanent rewards for completing them multiple times.

You may ride a tank. You can lure bots to a certain location by using radio command and trick players using noises and distractions. If there are, then the enemy will shout against his will, revealing his position. There is a radar that allows you to see damaged opponents for 3 seconds and all teammates. Nearly all weapons are obtainable through in-game credit. Most capsule weapons are purchasable with in-game credit. You have no idea what you are talking about.

Man, have you been smoking your own socks again?.. CS Is for competative gamers. Try playing CS. Plus, the dude above me. Not turnaments. Yo sir, A. A cannot be compared to Arctic Combat. Arctic Combat has Aim Down the Sight function on all weapons.. Iron sights, Red dot Sights, Pistols..

A has not. Arctic Combat way better Gameplay and more realistic. Who cairs about iron sight ADS that not that big a factor… its Better 2 have it ubut ava is much better great gameplay combat arms is good 2 but it got borin so i turned to AVA. CA is a pay to win cash dump, full of hackers, with no iron sights, no decent physics, and mediocre graphics at best. I started this about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Plainly put. Great graphics. The only problem you might ever experience is when you get a new update. But i get back to it alot.

Warcraft 3 is actually really Curst , February 18, , JorReno , February 07, , Are you looking for a Free Sho WillLp , February 04, , Are you looking for a Free MMO All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Alliance of Valiant Arms votes, 4.

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About the game: Alliance of Valiant Arms Status: Alpha Graphics: Red Duck Publisher: Red Duck. Explosive Features: Polished Graphics. Clean Interface. Addictive Gameplay. XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 Processor: Nvidia Geforce or equivalent. World of Tanks. War Thunder.

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  • 2. Insurgency.
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InAVAfor5years Reply. SSForce Reply. Jerry Reply. You can get additional items every 12 hours from Loot Box by installing Aeria Ignite game client and logging in and clicking the Loot Box Hackers are getting banned, I barely see them nowadays on EU server. Ramirez Reply. Oldguy Reply. M00SES Reply. CROW Reply. Dexter Reply. Triarch Reply. Alliance suck cause of the permanent weapons. I really want the permanent weapons. Jared Reply. Dude Reply. Hassan Reply. Now onto the negatives.

Shaun Reply. Jimmy Reply. Mobeen Reply. Ex-AVA Reply. SuitedBro Reply. ALon Reply. DoNotTry Reply. This is what I found out just in the few weeks of trying it out. Hercs Reply. Albert Reply.

1. Call of Duty

At least I have CS: GO for my competitive needs. A Dude Reply. A good game. Nice smooth action. Only flaw is are maps, they mostly suck.

AVA MAC 10 and

IceHeart31 Reply. I decided to come back here to help some fellas out. StyleLGT Reply. No one Important Reply. ZockerTv Reply. Buck Merrbach Reply. Exystant Reply. Thanks for reading. Gcarter Reply. CronicDiarreha Reply. Desert Fox Reply. Desert Fox is stupid Reply. Lamplighter Reply. LenaLan Reply. Oz corps Reply. Matthew Reply.

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Winners will receive various rewards including permanent weapon skins,cosmetics and more! Dog Tag weapons have various criteria including, but not limited to, damage, range, rate of fire, accuracy, and stability. Each class has weapons geared toward the type of play they excel in. All weapons can be customized to some degree using different add-on parts available in the Inventory.

This is where the battle takes place. Choose to fight head on against your opposing faction in an all-out Team Death Match or engage your enemy to either defend against a demolition attempt or successfully bomb their key structures. We wish everyone happy holidays!

alliance of valiant arms mac os x Alliance of valiant arms mac os x
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alliance of valiant arms mac os x Alliance of valiant arms mac os x
Alliance of valiant arms mac os x

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