Mac os x crash log location

Where in macOS can I find folder CrashReporter with the crash report of a Kaspersky Lab product?

If there are a lot of files here, you may have the next problem, too: You can safely delete any or all of them, but unless space is critical, try to leave the system. You can view the logs via the Console app, in the tan box below, or just double-click it to display it. These logs and some others are normally "rotated" 7 deleted, the others incremented, the current system.

If your system. See the MAN pages for newsyslog and newsyslog. Alterations may have to be re-done after OSX upgrades. Copy and paste this after a Terminal prompt: You'll be prompted for your Admin password, which won't be displayed. Examining the system. Here's a sample system. It looks like gibberish at first, but you'll see 5 parts to each message: This may be a simple name like iWeb and Safari towards the bottom , or a more complex one like the Time Machine backup messages: Some of these are fairly self-explanatory, many aren't.

Finding Crash Logs on a Mac

If you're looking for something in particular, you can type in the search box at the top to limit the display to messages containing that character string. As an example, note how the Time Machine backup messages sent by the backupd process are hard to read with all the other messages mixed in. Application Installation or Removal problems. The most obvious problems are often the same message, or group of messages, repeated over and over.

Getting crash logs from Day One for macOS

Things like "exited with code," "No such file or directory," and especially "Throttling respawn: Examine the sender name; it's probably an app that you recently installed or tried to remove. In some cases, though, one app will also install another, "helper" app, with a different name, that you're unaware of. The best way to correct this is to uninstall the app in question. If you still have it, see if it has an "uninstall" option in it's installer, or a separate "uninstall" component. You may have to reinstall the app to be able to uninstall it properly.

If not, there are some 3rd-party apps that attempt to delete any leftovers.

How to diagnose a System crash? - Apple Community

Some are: Or, you may be able to do it yourself. Examine the following folders for "plist" files with the names in the messages: Note that you won't find those folders via Spotlight. Just navigate to them, by opening the top-level Library folder for the first two or the Library folder in each home folder. If you find suspect plist files there, note where they are and move them to your desktop.

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Restart your Mac. If the problems don't stop, move them back. Unless it's self-explanatory, or covered above, search or browse the appropriate Apple Discussions forum. If you can't find a thread about the message, post a new one and copy the message there.

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Monitoring the log for a reproducible problem. If a problem is easily reproducible, one way to locate the messages is to open the system.

Using the Console on Mac OS X El Capitan v10.11 and earlier

By default, it opens at the end. That will mark your place so you can see what follows. You can copy data from your system logs to a text file, if you need to export it to share it with someone else for troubleshooting purposes.

Opening Crash Reports

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mac os x crash log location Mac os x crash log location
mac os x crash log location Mac os x crash log location
mac os x crash log location Mac os x crash log location
mac os x crash log location Mac os x crash log location
mac os x crash log location Mac os x crash log location

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