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Unfortunately, plenty of laptops these days and a decent chunk of desktop PCs come without any kind of drive, let alone a Blu-ray one. Blu-ray isn't a cheap format so, naturally, external Blu-ray drives aren't that cheap either. That said, the model in question is one of the most affordable Blu-ray prospects on the market right now.

And though it has its flaws, this is a pretty solid budget device that more than covers all of the basics. Though optical disc drives, like any other computer component, are fairly intricate and complicated, for your average consumer, there isn't a whole lot to consider.

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You want your drive to be compatible with most operating systems and, fortunately, the Archgon MDS-U3 is. It works with every iteration of Windows since Windows 7. Mac OS The only thing that manufacturers wanted you to know is that, with Surface Pro 3, you have to connect the external drive and your Surface via a powered USB hub.

The model in question is incapable of burning writing information onto Blu-ray discs, which is a bit of a shame but not much of a surprise considering its price.


And, of course, the device will read Blu-rays for you since it won't be a Blu-ray drive otherwise. The whole point of external Blu-rays, other than substituting the missing drive, is their portable nature. But a portable device is always prone to the rough and tumble of the road, so the model's premium aluminum casing was a welcome addition to the overall package.

Aside from its rugged composition, aluminum is known for promoting heat dissipation, so it does a bang-up job preventing the drive from overheating when burning and reading discs at the highest speed. The model uses a USB 3.

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  4. Aside from being about 10 times faster than its predecessor, the latest iteration of USB is also backward compatible. That means the folks with high-end machines will be able to enjoy higher speeds, while those who have below average computers will still be able to use the device. You can always take it with you and turn just about any computer into a movie machine. One of the main tendencies of computer equipment development is the miniaturization of the elements and units as a whole: With that, the PC internals either get smaller or get transformed into the new format or get discarded.

    The same holds for the optical drives. Blu-ray technology being the latest widely adopted implementation of optical disc recording offers higher capacities from 25 GB to GB compared to the CD and DVD iterations. The higher capacities are achieved due to higher data recording density, thus the discs and the drives themselves retain the same size. In terms of mounting, the Blu-ray drives, in general, are divided into internal and external drives just like CD and DVD drives.

    Nevertheless, it is too early to scrap the optical drives including the external Blu-ray drives as a class. The Blu-ray drives, in particular, owe this vitality to a widespread usage of Blu-ray discs for commercial purposes. Movies, music, software and video games are released frequently on physical media along with their digital copies. On the other hand, the adoption of high-definition media formats such as 4K drives the media capacity increase as conventional DVD discs do not have enough capacity for accommodating a full-length movie in this format.

    The first factor we should consider is Performance. The Performance of an external Blu-ray drive is determined preeminently by disc reading and writing speeds, which differ from one disc format to another. A writing speed determines, for example, the period of time required for an external Blu-ray drive for laptop or desktop PCs to burn an HD movie to a disc this opportunity is one of the main driving factors of buying a Blu-ray drive.

    The same applies to Blu-ray disc reading, but you should keep in mind that playing a movie released on a Blu-ray disc can be done on any external Blu-ray drive. Higher Blu-ray disc reading speeds are needed mostly to process non-multimedia data on Blu-ray discs such as games, software, etc.

    Please note that the Blu-ray optical disc data storage technology as the latest widely adopted optical disc technology provides a backward compatibility with the previous optical disc technology iterations, such as CD and DVD. This backward compatibility means that external Blu-ray drives can both read and write CD and DVD discs, though the speeds depend on a Blu-ray drive model.

    The important thing is, despite all the inherent Blu-ray disc data integrity protection and error correction technologies, the higher the burning speed is, the higher the probability of data loss or incorrect burning is.

    Best External BluRay Drives in 12222 Reviews

    Thus, if you have an opportunity and enough time, we recommend not to burn your discs at the maximum speed supported by your external Blu-ray drive for Mac-based or Windows-based devices. In this case, the writing of a disc will take more time but you are less likely to have data integrity issues; while the shorter writing time provided by the maximum supported writing speed may be a critical factor for those users who burn several discs a day. From this point of view, an external Blu-ray drive model that provides high burning speeds is excessive for non-commercial home or portable use.

    Indeed, with the capacity of a single-layer Blu-ray disc of 25 GB and 50 GB for double-layer discs we mean single-sided discs, you need to double the mentioned figures for double-sided discs you manipulate a storage media capacity 5 times as large as one of DVD and 70 times as large as one of CD discs. That means that a single-sided Blu-ray disc can carry up to minutes of HD video or up to 9 hours of SD video.

    The Connection Interface and Power Supply are also important for an external Blu-ray drive as a portable device. This portability comes at a price of additional requirements, such as external power supply. The use of USB as both data exchange interface and a power supply is a big plus for an external Blu-ray burner because you can use the drive for reading or writing discs even if there is no power socket available and the laptop used operates on its battery. Regarding the data exchange speed, the USB 3. The theoretical or peak data transfer speed supported by USB 3. Bear in mind though that these theoretical data transfer maximum values greatly exceed the actual data rates, which are determined by an external Blu-ray drive itself.

    The third important point, which needs to be clarified when choosing a portable Blu-ray burner is its Ergonomics. The ergonomics is important as it greatly affects the convenience of use and portability of a drive. The mounting type may be critical for an extended stationary drive usage that implies, for example, connecting multiple PCs or laptops to the drive or moving it around an office.

    As cloud data storage is not available without an Internet connection and is not supported by some equipment for presentations, external Blu-ray drives are still relevant, providing mobility, wide compatibility, and large capacities. Optical disc drive , Wikipedia. January 4, Blu-ray Disc recordable, Wikipedia.

    The 6 Best External Bluray Drives

    February 6, Optical disc drive , archlinux. March 31, Online Tech Tips. October 19, Blu-ray , Wikipedia. This ugly twin needed a name, and the industry cooked up a moniker as ugly as the child: The companies vied for supremacy in the marketplace for a short while, with Microsoft mistakenly taking HD-DVD's miserable side. The first editions of their XBox systems had external HD-DVD players available for purchase, though not built into the system tower itself.

    Best External BluRay Drives in 12222

    Sony, on the other hand, launched its Playstation 3 with a Blu-ray drive built in, and sales of Blu-ray discs and drives so thoroughly outpaced those of HD-DVD, that the ugly twin found itself a handy burlap sack and promptly threw itself in the river , leaving Blu-ray to reign supreme.

    A dedicated writer and communications professional spending his days lost in the intricacies of both proposal and freelance writing. When not sharing the knowledge of both fully and self-insured medical benefits to employer groups of all industries within California, Jeff Newburgh can be found at home spending time with his family and 3 dogs, pondering the next chew toy to be thrown, while kicking back and relaxing with a nice glass of red wine. Ezvid Wiki Reviews Computer Accessories. The 6 Best External Bluray Drives.

    Top 10 Best External Blu Ray Drives in Reviews

    Best High-End. Best Mid-Range. Best Inexpensive. Onboard cable storage day money-back guarantee Instructions aren't very clear. Cloud backup for android devices Fast writing speeds The eject button is finicky. Slim design maximizes desktop space Backwards compatible with usb 2 It's on the pricey side. Very quiet operation Jamless playback mode It is easy to set up. OWC Mercury Pro. Supports m-disc format Sturdy aluminum chassis 1-year limited warranty.

    Powered by a usb connection Attractive silver color Ideal for use with macs. Click here to see our 1 pick. Zipping Toward Obsolescence. Our Top Pick Click here to see our 1 pick. Statistics and Editorial Log 0 Paid Placements. Recent Update Frequency. Then it will help smooth over sound problems with scratched or dirty discs. But it does not record to blue ray DVDs. Its easy loading tray makes placing your discs inside the machine very quick and simple. This reader is compatible with USB 3. The necessary cables are included.

    It will burn and read CDs at 24x as well as rewrite CDs at 16x. Then it will burn DVDs at 2x and read at 8x. It will also rewrite DVDs at 8x speed. It has a triple layer support system inside.

    TOP 4: Best External Blu Ray Players 2019

    Unless things have changed you get the Cyberlink Media Suite 10 software included in the package. You can upgrade to more recent versions if you want. It has a USB 3. The major drawback to this external blue ray writer is that it does not come with any software. You have to get your own software from another quality source. The external drive is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Check the instructions to find all the operating systems it is compatible with. Check the warranty claims as well before purchasing this unit. Powered by a Panasonic combo drive, works with either USB 3.

    It will not burn any information to your blue ray DVDs. This aluminum made external drive will work with most up to date operating systems. Check the package to find out which ones work best with this system. It is bundled with a Cyberlink Media Suite custom software but not the retail version. A 4MB buffer is added to the discs. It will work with a USB 3.

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