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Assuming that is correct, This post ends here. It seems to me that SWReg are a professional and reliable firm. But be warned. You will only be ignored and their software doesn't do what is advertised. For me that was DRM removal.

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Aimersoft youTube downloader, DVD creator and video editor converter stopped working after the first Safari update. Tried it with Crome also but to no avail. I feel I have to agree with those who feel it's a rip-off. Simply an utter and complete waste of money. Bought the product and never received a key or was able to get it working. This company is a scam.

Customer service will not respond. You will just be throwing your money down the drain. I have aimersoft dvd creator and they are worthless when it comes to responding via customer svc I shoulda known not to purchase from them when I had an inquiry BEFORE buying their product but I took the chance and purchased it anyways and now that I have finally used it my vids are lost mystically and cant be found so tried reaching out through customer svc webpage and guess what??!! I Have a youtube downloader that it was working before the last update from google to his websites and now doesn't download, I have been contacting customer service for 5 times already always answering the same response.

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Greetings, Thank you for contacting Aimersoft Support, this is Zoe. I'm sorry to hear that. Don't hesitate to contact me back in case you need further assistance. Regards, Zoe Aimersoft Support Team No matter what I type it is always the same response of course they did not gave me a free license nor they willing to do so I even asked them for a discount to purchase a new software for my needs and guess what same response and you can't even rate the service, it always occur an error when you're submitting your rate. Stay away from this company Customer Service is nonexistent.

This is my order Aimersoft in case you want to respond as human instead of a machine. Order number AG While far from perfect, I'd used iTube Studio for several years. Now, their Safari plugin is no longer supported. I contacted Aimersoft and they said they have NO plans to fix the problem or make it compliant. This makes using the product an onerous mess to use. I'm done with it and looking elsewhere for a video download product with better dedication to its customers. I bought a software and wanted to use the promised 30 days money back since I found an easier solution for my usecase.

I am waiting for any feedback from that company for days I never buy anything from them again, since I cannot trust them. This is the worst customer service I have ever had. First, they send me a Windows file instead of a Mac file to download the premium version of iMusic that I paid for. I tell them again, but their website keeps giving me errors when I try to submit my comments. Then they ask, twice, for a screen shot of my registration. I have still not been able to use the app that I paid for.

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I am so aggravated with this company. I have read the negative reviews here. To my, the product I purchased, Video Converter Ultimate, is the best video converter on the market.

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  • It does so much, is very fast, and has many, many options. You can automatically retrieve your license if you lose it. It has hardware acceleration. It is my go-to program to rip DVDs. It is rated 2 on toptenreviews. This company is untrustworthy. If you try to contact them for any reason expect no response.

    They do not issue refunds even if they qualify. Stay clear. Just look at one of their many social media accounts to see that countless other people say the same things. Support is horrible. Online inquiries lead to attempts to sell you more products. Email and other attempts to contact the company were futile. Bought some software from this company but it turns out the reason I purchased it became redundant almost as soon as I had! I have tried to contact them five times to request a refund with absolutely no response. This is poor and I will be reporting them to trading standards and asking my bank to reclaim the money.

    This does not seem like a proper response from a genuine company, and it seems I am not the only person to experience this. If anyone wishes to contact me, my order number is I bought iTube Studio for Mac from this company. And about two weeks after buying the software, fraudulent charges began appearing on my credit card. Yes, it is.

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    It was before when you have to install an extension or click on the ads to download youtube video, but things changed to a great extent these days. If you need more information about the websites from which you can download, the videos click here. You all knew, downloading YouTube videos on the smartphone is a pain. So we recommend downloading on a computer and transferring to your mobile.

    Within a single click, you can download videos in the quality you need. This can be done right from the app itself, so it makes things lot easier.

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    Apart from the video formats, you can also download the mp3 from the video. Have you missed any live sessions? If it was on YouTube, you could watch it later. ITube Studio For Mac has a built-in option to record the live sessions and download them in the format you need. The iSkysoft transfer helps you out to transfer the downloaded files from your Mac to Android, or iPhone. It integrates seamlessly with the iTube Studio; those make our work easier.

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    • After all, they both were manufactured by the same parent brand.

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