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Book Tip: VMware Fusion 2. Great conversations. Roundtripping Versions: FrameMaker 8: EasyEclipse 1. Tiling Editors in Eclipse June 14, While test-driving Aptana recently, I found the absence of a Tile command for editor tabs absolutely vexing! FrameMaker 8. Talk tekom: Accessible Documentation June 04, Today I spoke on the relationship between technical documentation and accessibility for a W3C event at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam.

SnagIt for Free! November 27, TechSmith is offering version 7. Upgrading WordPress via Subversion August 06, David Peralty has a nice tutorial on using Subversion to keep WordPress current by checking out the latest code directly from the Automattic repository.

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Versions Emerge s From the Vapors June 05, A year after the initial hype, Mac Subversion client Versions celebrates the anniversary by actually releasing a beta app. Apple Xserve Field Guide November 25, Apple has released the Xserve Field Guide, a web app for service technicians that need quick access to server maintenance information during on-site repairs. Think Twice Before Firing Editors November 12, Last week the Toronto Star epitomized the recent decline of the newspaper industry by firing a hundred members of its pre-publishing and editorial divisions.

Also, the VPN traffic does not go over Cisco's network unless you work for Cisco ; it travels through your own corporate network to which you are connecting.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With the server side workaround, AnyConnect now works on iOS Previous review: The VPN client will fail to establish a connection if running on a device with cellular and Wi-Fi both enabled. I reported this bug months ago but nobody has fixed it yet. Hi Seth, this problem is due to an unannounced change in iOS I think you and I have been emailing on this, and your IT department is aware of the problem and also has a case open with Apple.

Theyhave been informed of a workaround, and I just sent a followup email as a reminder, so please be patient. In the meantime you can delete the profile using the AnyConnect UI and should be able to establish a connection.

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If the server workaround has not been implemented the next connection will fail but you can repeat the process. You should be able to put anything you want in this field as a label. App Store Preview.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. SAML authentication support. Refer to the AnyConnect release notes for ASA version compatibility Please report any questions or problems to ac-mobile-feedback cisco. Please contact ac-mobile-feedback cisco. Bug fixes Please report any issues to ac-mobile-feedback cisco. Bug fix: In addition, this resolves an issue where the user has to leave the AnyConnect app in order to perform a two-factor authentication; this will prompt the user to re-launch the app if additional user interaction is required, e.

For these functions to operate, you must allow AnyConnect to send notifications. You will receive this prompt upon upgrading or installation. After "Preparing" for a little while, it start backing up again. All of your old backups should be visible whew! The above solution worked to get out of the problem state. But to avoid the problem all together, in my case, it was a matter of making sure the backup disk was unmounted before each Time Machine backup.

Time Machine does automatically mount the backup disk when it starts, and unmounts the backup disk when finished. But as of Leopard My backups have been working flawlessly for the past 3 days. Sound on Fedora 9.

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After a fresh install of Fedora 9 my sound was not working from the speakers. After starting console-kit-daemon it finally worked! Installing Cisco VPN on linux 2. I just followed the instructions from here which basically says: Download new client ftp: Downlad patch for 2. This patch did not work with the later cisco vpn client version so I had to wget this specific cisco vpn client above in step 1 in order for this to compile.

On my TS I: The volume size is the size of the backup disk in my case the size of my MBP hdd.

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Partitions shoudl be "No partition map". If you do not specify the correct mac address you will likely get a Time Machine Error: The backup disk image could not be created when running Time Machine for the first time.

How to setup VPN on Ubuntu - PPTP

Another way to create the sparse bundle disk image is via the hdiutil command line in Terminal. As of Leopard This thread has a workaround to convert your existing band size to MB but I did not have enough disk space to do the conversion, so I had to blow out my existing backups and create a new sparse bundle with the band size set to MB as such: Dragged the newly created sparse bundle disk image to the TimeMachine share 5.

While first back up was going, told spotlight to exclude indexing the backup share by: Newer Posts Home. Subscribe to:

tu graz vpn client mac Tu graz vpn client mac
tu graz vpn client mac Tu graz vpn client mac
tu graz vpn client mac Tu graz vpn client mac
tu graz vpn client mac Tu graz vpn client mac
tu graz vpn client mac Tu graz vpn client mac
tu graz vpn client mac Tu graz vpn client mac
tu graz vpn client mac Tu graz vpn client mac

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