Mac os x exited with code 255

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Apple fixed this ibtool bug in Xcode 6.

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The ibtool command in Xcode 6. More information about the bug in relation to Xcode can be found on the following Stack Overflow post: The document "MainStoryboard. InterfaceBuilder error FromBundle vs. After moving the images to the top-level Resources folder, you will need to update the storyboard and.

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You can change this element and add a LogicalName so that the image will instead be copied to the top level of the. See also: After this change, you will need to update the storyboard and. Visual Studio for Mac will automatically update the list of autocompletions for the Image property in the iOS Designer. In Visual Studio, you'll need to edit the path by hand.

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The iOS Designer will then display this as a missing image, but the project will build and run correctly. For further assistance, to contact us, or if this issue remains even after utilizing the above information, please see What support options are available for Xamarin? Our feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

Read more on our blog. Exit focus mode. If you see "Show Log List" at the left end of the tool bar, click on it. Scroll down if necessary and look for an entry named "CrashReporter". Click on its disclosure triangle if necessary. Scroll down the revealed list looking for Notes. If you find it, click on it to show the crash log.

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Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Something user specific is causing it to crash as it's fine under another user. I have Sophos Anti-Virus, so I don't believe it's anything of that type of origin. Plus, it only happens with Notes. So it's almost certainly something in that user's folder. Does it crash immediately when the app starts, or later, as it's being used? Please copy and post the actual message and any others before or after it that might be related, even if they don't look like it.

There may be a corrupted file in that user account. While the app is not in use, rename the file append "old" to it, or such. If that cures the problem, trash the file. If not, trash the new one and rename the old one back to the original name.

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It could also be a corrupted data file. You could try renaming current versions, then reloading any such files from the last backup before this started. I've even transferred this folder from another user account after successful setup, but no luck.

Why: com.openssh.sshd: Service exited with abnormal code: 255

I've deleted both Preference files, Notes Preferences and com. This is the only case like this in a group of 40 or so Macs all running the same build.

Very odd. At this point I think I'm going to recreate the user account and transfer files selectively. Yes, there's probably some other file hiding somewhere, that's been corrupted. Any luck on the actual message? Is there any place to look, including Lotus Notes forums, for that exit code?

MultiMC Exiting with code 255

Notes[] Exited with exit code: What I see in console messages is: If so, I'd compare it with another user's. Notes [] Path: Notes Version: Lotus Notes 8.

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mac os x exited with code 255 Mac os x exited with code 255
mac os x exited with code 255 Mac os x exited with code 255
mac os x exited with code 255 Mac os x exited with code 255
mac os x exited with code 255 Mac os x exited with code 255
mac os x exited with code 255 Mac os x exited with code 255

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